Who hasn’t, at some point in their life, wanted to be a superhero?

Maybe you dreamed about being Gotham’s caped crusader (the coolest of superheroes in my opinion). Perhaps you fancy red more than black and you’ve always had to fight off the urge to wear your spandex, royal blue onesie complete with exterior red underpants. Then again, you may be of the opinion that a lasso, bullet proof wrist bands and an invisible airplane is the only way to get around.

Whatever the case, we’ve all gone through a superhero phase. In fact, I don’t think I ever grew out of it and I refuse to believe that superheroes do not exist.

Wanna know why? I pastor a few modern day superheroes (minus the costume, most of the time)… my #kidsmin team.


In every church there are a few of these people. Over-the-top amazing nursery workers, Sunday School teachers, Children’s Church leaders and #kidsmin volunteers.

You can’t convince me that these brave souls aren’t secretly superheroes. I’ve witnessed them in action. There is no child they will not love, no mess they will not clean, no parent they will not deal with. They are faster than a speeding toddler, more powerful than a strong willed adolescent, able to leap over flying toys in a single bound.

For these people no boo-boo is too small and no meltdown is too big.

#Kidsmin workers are our church superheroes.


There are risks, of course. The Overbearing Parent Patroller, the dreaded Allergy Monster, the Secretly Sick Sniffler, the Sugared Up Shenanigan-er, the Ear-Piercing Captain of Cry-town, the Preacher That Time-Forgot (that’s my superpower on any given Sunday)…  it’s a dangerous job.

These few, these bold, these brave folks come to church, week in and week out, and they give their lives to serve our children.

The sad thing is, more often than not these superheroes go unnoticed, unthanked and are under-appreciated. They have no problem being seen from a distance, but they are often not seen at all.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of #kidsmin workers don’t want fame, official public recognition, awards and/or keys to the city (ie. the church office where they keep the good snacks). The majority of #kidsmin workers are humble folks who are comfortable working in the shadows.

However, no one could deserve words of thanks and appreciation more than you. So…


As a father of four I cannot over-express my love and appreciation for you. Your ministry is significant, your faithfulness is unheard of and your heart for our children is astounding.

You are my superheroes!


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