Church logos fascinate me. The range from the wacky to the wildly out of date. I was tempted to put up the 10 worst logos I’ve ever seen… but then I thought, “Hey PASTOR who claims to love the Church (Large “C”), that wouldn’t be very loving and you are far too sharp tongued (or is it finger-tipped when you’re typing???) to be doing something like this.”

So… the following images are 10 of the most amazing church/ministry logos that I have ever seen. I’m not going to vouch for the churches or ministries themselves… I just like the logos:


Aside from the fact that this ministry is one of my favorite on the internet, this logo… I mean, do you see it? It’s a cross where all the arrows are pointing to the center. A-MAZING!


Baptist solidarity my brothers from across the pond. This logo is brilliantly simple and symmetrically pleasing. Here is one of the few occasions where an unfocused image, floating behind the logo, isn’t horribly distracting and unnecessary.


That’s definitely a warehouse. I have to appreciate how, if they took the white lines that define the cross completely out of the graphic I would look at it and say, “That’s either a parking garage or a warehouse.” Clean. Crisp. Love the dimensions and balance.


Ok… now… I’m a Bible guy in the sense that I just lose my mind like a teenage girl at a One Direction (or insert relevant teenage girl trending boy band) concert. When I came across this logo I lost my mind. There was jumping, squealing… I may have fainted at one point. Whoever came up with this name/logo, major respect. (If you don’t get the symbolism, ask and it will be given to you—seek, in the book of Exodus, and you will find—don’t knock, your hands might get dirty)


Here again I may be showing some partiality to a ministry that I just happen to love. However, what’s brilliant about Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s logo is that it’s simple enough to be easily recognizable but it’s too complicated to reproduce by hand.


Umm… this has to be the most minimalist thing in Times Square (although the actual church is a little louder, architecturally, than it’s logo). So understated it hurts my brain (in a good way).


Understated. Classic, yet modern. Brilliant use of negative space. If you don’t see it yet, after I tell you you’re going to kick yourself. It’s a basin pouring out (what I assume is, having done a little research) smoldering metal of some sort.


So, I have a question… can I just assume this church has alien technology of some sort? I mean, it’s either that or they are working for “Big Brother.” Although this logo might take a little explanation it’s incredibly unique and modern. One might even say it’s as unique as… nah, forget it.


To a certain degree this reminds me of something that I would see on one of my children’s favorite television programs. I half expect the ball with the arrow to come to life and starting saying or doing something. Yet, there is something about the hovering orange ball (#thinkorange) that’s pointing up which makes me think, “This is a growing church, it’s the church of the future… this church is different.” Pretty sure that was their goal.


What… I like circles. I’ve always liked the idea of using the same system of circles, numbers, colors and letters that the MTA in NYC uses for a church. This is the closest thing I’ve found so far. One drawback to this logo is, I kind of feel like it’s a bar, not a church, on first glance. Even the catch phrase, “Everybody needs a place” makes me want to break out in the theme song for Cheers.

THERE THEY ARE… I wrote another post about why church logos matter.


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