Chances are, you won’t read this.

I’m not being cynical, I’m being statistically realistic.

I know that I’m about to spend the better part of an hour or two drafting out this blog post. I know that I’m going to spend additional time, later, editing and cutting and making the content changes to this post so that it’s accurate and well done.

I also know that, at a certain point in this process, a little voice that’s in my head is going to say, “Your wasting your time. No one is going to read this. Your not helping anyone. You might as well just phone it in or copy and paste something from someone else and take credit for it… no one cares and no one will know.”


Statistics don’t help. According to Technorati, a company of advertising technology specialists, a new blog is created every half second. Last year alone there were a total of 18,300,771 new blogs created just on wordpress.com. And… in case you’re wondering, that works out to nearly 50,000 new blogs per day.


Let’s keep going… in 2014 555,782,547 blogs were published on WordPress which comes out to be over 1.5 million per day. I’m not even a fish in this massive pond.


It’s a battle and it takes place in more than just one area of my life, as I’m certain the same could be said for any number of you (assuming here that someone is actually reading this… right?!?!?!).

So… what’s the point?

Why try, why make any effort at all if no one is paying attention?

I could feed you the, “If I make a difference in even one persons life,” schtick… not my style. I could say something along the lines of, “even if no one else knows, the Big Guy Upstairs is paying attention!” True… but that’s kind of phoning it in, just a little.

The truth is, I write this (and hope someone reads it) because I care about the church and about the reputation of the Lord. I write this because I don’t know everything and because writing helps me become a better leader. I write this because I’m not significant, because I’m not all that unique, because my struggles aren’t new and because I want to honor God with my life.


I’ll pastor a small church for the rest of my life, if the people I get to lead are growing and changing. I’ll write an obscure blog for the next 20 years, if it grows me as a leader. I’ll go unnoticed, un-praised, unthanked and live out the remainder of my days under the radar, if that would bring the most glory to God.

In all honesty… I just want to do something.

So… I write.

I read.

I pray.

I work.

I try… and it’s worth it… if God changes me!


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