Church: What’s The Point


It’s Sunday, one of the only days most people have off from work.  What would compel a person to wake up early, make themselves presentable (whatever that means), and sit through an hour (if you’re lucky) of church?

For some, the answer is family and for some, it’s their religious convictions.  For others, it may be habit, social networking, entertainment, guilt, obligation, etc.  In all honesty, most of us lead busy lives and have full schedules with enough responsibility already.

So, what’s the point?  If you really want to hear quality preaching or a good religious lecture, there are any number of outlets that do not offer the potential awkwardness of visiting a local church.

Now, let me be more direct: If you’re not one of the many people who attend a religious service regularly, there are really only 3 reasons why a person can and should go to a church, synagogue, mosque, etc.

The people are genuine.

The information actually affects you.

The experience helps you navigate through religion, past ritual, and beyond conviction to objective truth.

Some questions are worth asking, some commitments are worth making, and some churches are worth an hour a week.  Do a little research, slip in late or leave early, ask around . . . but don’t give up.


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