Create Your Own Deity

Create Your Own Diety

What if I told you that every religion had gotten the whole “higher being” thing wrong? It’s not that religions are wrong about the fact that a higher being exists, but more that they’ve misinterpreted who this higher being actually is, why he or she exists, and what he or she does.

Now, what if I told you that you were selected to sit on a panel of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs, in order to construct the perfect god? The very prospect raises a few interesting questions: Is there an ideal god? What are the criteria that many of us would consider important for a god? Is it possible to create a god that transcends gender, race, age, and worldview? What would the ideal god look like?

Likely, a good place to start would be to develop a list of basic characteristics for this god. In fact, what if you compiled, amongst the group, a list of the best characteristics from each religion’s version of “god” and used that as a foundation? What would that list look like?

  • Creator (of all that exists)
  • All-Powerful (so he could handle anything I threw at him)
  • Faithful to a Fault (so that even if I do something that would displease him he still wouldn’t leave me)
  • Forgiving (same as above))
  • Healer (able to fix whatever’s wrong)
  • Omni-benevolent (all-loving)
  • Personal (a being that I can have a personal relationship)
  • Etc.

In all honesty, most people are already doing this. Most people align themselves with whatever version of god they can find that will best suites their lives. They want a version of god that likes the things that they like or that will, at least, not judge them for doing whatever they want. They want a version of God that they can give all their own favorite characteristics and attributes.

For example: if they’re strong patriots, then they’ll make sure that their version of god has a soft spot for their country above all others. If they approve or disapprove of a particular lifestyle, that’s no problem, anyone can easily program their version of god to feel the same way that they feel. If they are passionate about saving animals, saving babies, saving women, saving . . . whatever, they can make their version of god primarily concerned with that thing. Get the idea?

For most people, faith, beliefs, and convict ions stem from personality, upbringing, likes and dislikes, and a personal list of “rights” and “wrongs.” Then, they simply project these things onto their very own, personal, pocket-sized god creation.

Can we decide who God is by taking a poll? Is God a being we can make up as we go along? This create-your-own-deity idea is increasingly popular today so there must be some merit to it. But why is that?

What if we got the whole “higher being” thing wrong?

What if I told you that the true “higher being” said that the one of the biggest problems in the world was religion and misguided, misinformed religious people? What if I told you that the true “higher being” already had all of the best characteristics and was The ideal God?

Now, what if I told you that the ideal “higher being” was the God of the Bible?

Skeptical? I understand. Maybe you’ve been damaged by a person with a similar philosophy in the past. But, what if the person(s) you encountered wasn’t perfectly representing the God of the Bible? What if they had projected a portion of themselves into the God of the Bible and believed in some hybrid? Isn’t it worth a first, second, third, etc., look?


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